Curriculum Information

Lockwood Girls High School offers the 8 - 4 - 4 system of education which is the Kenya National Curriculum. They are listed below

  • Languages (English/Swahili/Arabic/French Included)
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Geography
  • History
  • Agriculture
  • Chirstian/Islamic Religious Education
  • Business Education
  • Computer Studeis
  • Aviation Technology
  • Music

The curriculum gives students a wide range of options in selecting subjects that will shape their future.

Teaching Staff

The school boasts of dedicated graduate teachers, who have set goals as far as performance of each student is concerned.Each student is assigned to a teacher who closely monitors her performance, and is always at hand to provide guidance.

Support Staff

The girls are attended to by disciplined support staff to ensure that they are kept comfortable as they acquire knowledge.

The school compound is well kept and meals are prepared by resident cooks who ensure the girls are fed on a tasty balanced diet.

Round the clock security is provided at the institution.

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