Extra-curricular Activities

If you thought there were a lot of after-school activities in Primary School, just wait until you get to Lockwood Girls high school!

We provide various facilties that enable our students to engage in extra-curricular activities that not only provides a good break from studies but also makes them fit and alert.

Note that it's important to find time for at least one activity within our out of class programs! They're a great way to have fun, make new friends, learn about yourself, and open the door to possible future careers.

Among the extra-curricular activities in our school are

  1. School Band
  2. Swimming classes
  3. Film and Drama
  4. Music and cultural classes (National Champs 2010/2011/2012)
  5. Horse riding classes
  6. Driving classes( form three and four students)
  7. Football
  8. Netball
  9. Basketball
  10. Handball
  11. Hockey
  12. Lawn tennis
  13. Badminton
  14. Aerobics.

All these help a student to develop confidence, self expression, teamwork and leadership qualities.

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