School Performance

At Lockwood Girls High School we have various departments that deal with various subjects



For starters, C.R.E is a subject to reckon with at Lockwood Girls High School. Though its a compulsory subject in all forms, it is taken to be one of the booster subjects.


The approach used in teaching C.R.E is learner centered. The test questions and assignments are provided to provoke the thinking  and creativity of the learners and help them apply the knowledge acquired in real life situations. Just like any discipline in the world of academics, teaching of C.R.E demands a concerted effort. Teamwork spirit is needed especially in the handling of weak students who need more attention. Towards this end, alot of consultation is ever ongoing to add value to the overall grade of the students in question. So far this stategy is bearing fruits.


Most students in  high school perceive agriculture as a subject which entails only digging. Far from this thought agriculture is a vibrant sector of our economy.In this era where jobs have become scarce we guide our students to adopt agriculture as business which they can venture into its many enterprises as means of livelihood after school. Agri-business is big business that requires good skills.


Geography is a very important discipline because it is related in most of  areas and aspect of life. Students should understand that Geography's main focus is man and the environment. Students should take this subject seriously because it is a foundation of many opportunities later in life.


Mathematics is a very vital subject required in most careers and in every curriculum worldwide. Mathematics is the easiest subject that requires just a formula to move on.

We encourage our students to take group discussions and Mathematics Club seriously. Parents too have an important role to play in the student's performance. Parents should guide students on time management and encourage them during holidays.


As a music department we work hard to see we grow the music talents among the students and even give them a professional touch in the same. In the long run we are looking at a very strong musical team possible a school band.

We have come up with a school anthem that clearly states the school vision, mission and motto.


At Lockwood Girls High School we have a very vibrant young farmers club. The club has has various projects including botanical gardens, crop museum, rabbit rearing and tree nursery seedbed.

The club operates on a theme' green is our colour'  and hopes to accomplish many other projects such as growing of flowers under greenhouse for sale. The club aims at showing students and the community that agriculture is a dignified and profitable occupation.

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